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Leaving the right or the left ?
03/09/2016 às 18:56

Interesting how submissions to the laws as undisciplined by their creators! It has never been my desire and the Brazilian people as traumatic period, as the output of a president of the Brazilian rep├║plica! Those who were defending REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY, exercising a choice with an accent and not seat and division of the Brazilian constitution code article, as advocated by parties that just always been the forefront. It is to be expected. This act of discipline the former chief executive, defended both technical and emotional rigor, to charges unhappy citizens PREVIOUS GOVERNMENT. It reminded me of the year 1992 was quite different, for which he was shown historically by Senator Fernando Collor de Mello. The former president, left the right or left? We will know what will be the response of the supreme court (STF). Leaving in doubt, there is doubt in the proceedings? In the vote split in half, with 11 million unemployed ... We + 2 years ahead with the government's vice president. President Janio Quadros, leaving the right and Joao Goulart of China was to take office. Currently, the president Temer takes over and goes to China. Interesting? The output and input, which side? Us reason with the chorus of the National Anthem: BRAVE PEOPLE, BRAZIL! Trasnlater GOOGLE.


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